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WSS is a retained search firm. If you are an internal CHRO or internal Talent Acquisition Executive you understand the difference and the value in a retained firm versus a contingency firm. By retaining WSS to fill your important role you can be assured that your search assignment will be handled with professionalism, integrity and an aggressive commitment to fill the position with the right candidate.

By engaging WSS, you will experience and work with a committed team of researchers, sourcers and search consultants, all who have decades of experience placing diverse talent.

Your companies HR team, hiring managers and executive leadership will benefit from a proven and successful search methodology that will yield not only a strong talent pool, but a truly diverse candidate slate.

The Benefits of a Boutique

WSS has worked with all sizes of clients, big, small, global, private, public, start-up, non-profit in a multitude of industries. We compete in the search business with the best of the best. What separates us from the pack is our experience, track record, and unwavering commitment to diversity. We are dedicated consultants that specialize in diversity placement. There is a difference! As one of the longest standing diversity search firms in the country, we are truly committed to this practice.

Fortune 500 global clients who have traditionally worked with the large search firms over the years continually seek WSS out. Most of the time these companies are seeking a specialized boutique that can deliver on diversity. Our clients value the hard work, commitment, individualized customer service and our delivery of a strong diverse talent pool.

WSS charges industry standard rates and would be happy to discuss your needs. Please call 714.848.1201 for additional questions, or email us at info@wssexecutivesearch.com to schedule a call. We look forward to serving you!

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“Few will debate that inclusion — and the diversity of thinking it brings to business challenges — creates real shareholder value.”

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