Becky Heidesch, Founder of WSS Executive Search is available for select speaking events.

Becky Heidesch is a nationally recognized career coach, consultant, entrepreneur and thought leader who has founded several diversity focused businesses over the past two decades. Through her own personal challenges she shares heartwarming career, business and life experiences that touch and resonate with audiences universally! She awakens all to accept one another, lead by example, dig deeper and reach farther in life. Through daily habits and a commitment to excellence she inspires audiences to develop their best selves and to encourage those around them to do the same!

Speaking Tracks include

  • Success Principles: Leadership, Resiliency, Acceptance
  • Career Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity
  • Health and Life in Balance

For a list of specialized speaking topics or to find out more, please call 714-848-1201 or email info@WSSExecutiveSearch.com.

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“Few will debate that inclusion — and the diversity of thinking it brings to business challenges — creates real shareholder value.”

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